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5 Unique Activities That Will Make Your Stay at Jivagram Memorable

Wouldn’t you want to plan a vacation that is full of unique experiences that you can fondly remember? Jivagram not only provides world class Ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments, it is also your one stop destination for beautiful memories. Let’s take a look at some of the activities that you can enjoy while you enjoy your comfortable stay amidst nature.

1. Mud baths:

A time-honoured tradition, mud bath is very beneficial for your skin. The envelope of rejuvenating mud on your skin helps in relaxing your nerves and calms the mind, and it is an undeniably fun activity that you will love. The active ingredients in the mud helps in making your skin healthy and beautiful.

2. Strolls in the Ayurveda garden:

Unlike other gardens you may have visited, the Nakshatra and Navagraha van at Jivagram are unique. Both gardens have Ayurvedic medicinal plants that are planted according to the constellation and planetary system. While you enjoy the refreshing walks in the garden, you will also learn about scores of Ayurvedic plants and herbs.

3. Saree and turban wearing:

You wouldn’t imagine how fun it can be to learn a new skill. This makes for a great edu-fun activity that you can enjoy with your friends or kids. And this skill will come in handy if you every want to flaunt your

4. Indian cooking classes:

Indian cooking classes give you a glimpse of the Ayurvedic ways of cooking healthy meals, in the traditional way on an Indian Chula (earth oven). These classes are not only fun to watch and learn, the skills are also invaluable should you ever plan an outdoor picnic.

5. Palmistry:

Find out what your stars say while you rejuvenate at Jivagram. Astrology can guide you on your health and help you make better decisions to stay healthy. Are you up for a major decision in life? Are you expecting a bump in your pay check? You never know what good news the stars may reveal.

These were just a few of the many exciting and entertaining activities that you can undertake during your stay at the Jivagram and make it a truly amazing memory. To know more, call us today at +919319227333

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