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5 Yoga Poses That Help Detoxify the Body

It's important to flush the toxins out of the body every now and then, and a lot of people tend to go on detox diets to do just that. Juices, salads, and strict fasting can rid your body of toxins, but they can also cause fatigue and a dip in energy. Many of us can afford this kind of downtime, and a healthier alternative to detox diets is yoga. The following poses are explicitly known for their cleansing and recharging effect.


This pose helps to build physical and mental stamina. It also tones the legs, strengthens the arms, and opens up your hips. Start by standing straight, arms by your side. Exhale and bring the right foot in front of the left. Extend your arms out and bring them parallel to the floor, with the palms facing down. Bend your right knee and stack it over the right ankle. Hold this pose for 10-20 seconds and release. Repeat on the other side.


From Virabhadrasana II, bend the left knee until you are almost sitting on your heel. Keep your right leg strong and straight with toes pointing upwards. Place your hand on the mat for support if needed. Stay for 10- 20 seconds and release. Repeat on the other side. This pose helps to strengthen the core and lengthen the hamstrings. It also promotes flexibility.


From Virabhadrasana with your right foot forward, place your right hand on the hip. Bend your right knee and lift the left leg in the air. Raise the left hand towards the sky. Inhale and bend your back upwards to form a half moon. Hold for 5-10 seconds and slowly release. Repeat on the other side. This pose helps in the strengthening the legs and core.


This pose helps in building arm strength. Start by getting into Malasana, which is a deep squat. Now with your knees bent, place your hands under your shoulders and lift your buttocks in the air. Place your knee near the triceps and lean forward and balance your weight onto your hands. Hold for a few seconds and slowly release


Start by getting on your knees. Raise your hands and try to reach the heels by bending backwards. Keep the hips over the knees and do not bend through the thighs. Hold for 5-10 seconds and release slowly.


Made from two words - ‘prana’ (meaning ‘energy’) and ‘yama’ (meaning ‘control’) - pranayama is a process that focuses on the flow of life force throughout the body. Pranayama is the natural detox process that eliminates toxins from the body and keeps the entire system working optimally. Practising pranayama every day without fail can energise the body, mind, and soul and help restore balance.

Our life these days is no way as healthy as the one our ancestors enjoyed. The air is polluted, the food is riddled with chemicals, and the water is far from clean. These toxins can accumulate in our body, causing hormonal imbalance, affecting immune function, and leading to nutrient deficiencies. These yoga poses will help promote digestion and make you feel refreshed, relaxed, and lighter.

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