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6 Ayurvedic Tips To Reduce Your Waistline

Trying to get your waistline in shape? According to Ayurveda, that chubby tummy is a result of an increase in Kapha dosha. Blast belly fat with these easy to follow Ayurvedic tips for those flat abs that you’ve always wanted.

  • Begin your day with warm water and lemon juice. Lemon detoxifies the body, softens belly fat, and strengthens your liver while water flushes out the toxins and melts fat.

  • Include almonds in your diet as they are a powerhouse of Vitamin E, magnesium, fiber and protein. And protein helps build lean muscles that burn fat whereas the fiber helps get rid of body waste.

  • Avoid excess salt and oily foods as it aggravates Kapha. Incorporating ground spices in your cooking improves insulin resistance and reduces spiking of sugar levels in the bloodstream.

  • Weight loss also consists of dietary confinements when it comes to losing weight. So avoid afternoon siestas to prevent the slowing of basal metabolic rate and increase fat burning rate.

  • Try our Ayurvedic Detox Tea that rids the body of harmful toxins, aids digestion, and promotes weight loss.

  • Triphala, a mix of Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki is an amazing Ayurvedic remedy to reduce belly fat. Amalaki reduces your body aggravation and expands lean body mass, all while keeping up glucose levels to evade hunger pangs, whereas, Haritaki removes toxins from the body, and Bibhitaki reduces aggregation of fat and liquids in your body.

In today’s world, belly fat is a very common problem. But instead of leaning towards cosmetic procedures and drugs, try the Ayurvedic approach of reducing belly fat, and that combines detoxification and healthy eating habits. Try these tips and get rid of that embarrassing belly fat.

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