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9 Ayurvedic Rules to Keep in Mind When You Are Eating

We all know that eating nutritional food is important for being healthy. What to eat is important but equally important is to the know what to eat, how to eat it, and when to eat it. Ayurveda recommends 9 guidelines to eat healthy and stay fit.

Eat only when you are hungry

Energy levels go down a bit when the juices from earlier food intake settle down, indicating the hunger quotient of the body

Eat fresh and warm meals

Food should always be warm and fresh. This gives the body a healthy digestive system and balances Vata. A healthy digestive system keeps every body function balanced.

Eat in a calm and comfortable place

The surroundings where one eats are also important – it should be clean, attractive, quiet, and, if possible, secluded. Ayurveda discourages eating while standing, so sit down and enjoy your food in a quiet and relaxed state of mind.

Ayurveda restrains eating food with footwear on

Heat generated thus disturbs the digestive system, that is why there’s a practice of washing the feet and sitting cross legged in Ayurveda.

Eat without distractions

While eating, there should be no distractions. Discussions, telephones, watching TV, or looking into any electronic device is a strict no-no.

Don’t eat fast

Ayurveda stresses the importance of chewing food properly. The juices released thus get fully absorbed into the body. It also inhibits over eating as one feels satiated by chewing the food properly.

Eat small bites

A small bite can be chewed well, enabling it to mix well with Saliva enabling the digestive process to finish easily. It is also proper dining etiquette.

Use all 5 senses to appreciate your food

Colour, smell, taste, and touch should be tempting to encourage you to eat well. Thus the digestive juices have a positive effect. The utensils also must be clean and attractive.

Establish and stick to a regular timing for food

Timely eating enhances to your total well being. When the fixed time nears,digestive juices are released by body in sufficient quantity. One third of stomach should be left empty to let the digestive juices and mix well with food and balance the Vata.

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