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Alcohol - Killing The Human Spirit

Ayurvedic practice recognizes the use of alcohol only for medicinal, not recreational or social purposes. It is a highly valuable substance when used therapeutically, and was originally obtained from naturally fermenting plant sources.

Ayurvedic medicine actually uses over eighty different types of herbal wines to treat specific diseases and conditions. But this is in very small quantities of no more than a couple of tablespoons twice per day after meals.

We already know that alcohol causes disease and distress, but perhaps you can think about it in the context of the four points mentioned above. Humans have taken a naturally occurring drug and overdosed on it. Is it natural to consume alcohol in quantities that creates numerous physical and psychological side effects, such as loss of memory, dehydration, vomiting and ultimately complete unconsciousness (or "black outs") in the short term?

You may now be able to see clearly how Ayurveda works in the modern world just as validly as it did five thousand years ago. You can consider any other example and apply the principles above to see what an Ayurvedic perspective on it would be. Processed, packaged and frozen foods, genetically modified foods and carbonated beverages are other revealing examples. This approach will become useful in guiding you in your daily life, or when deciding whether to replace something natural with an artificial source.

  • Does it naturally occur in this form in my environment?
  • How does it effect the relevant organ and its functions?
  • Does it aggravate or stimulate my senses or soothe them?
  • Do not indulge in heavy exercises like running, cycling etc. which increase Pitta (heat). Yoga, walking, swimming, and stretching are good.
  • Is my intake or association with this substance excessive or too limited?
  • Does using this substance pollute my body or my environment?

Ayurvedic medical theory and science, although ancient, has enduring relevance and wisdom for human beings in any age. It has been used to treat millions of people worldwide over centuries, and will continue to offer insight well into the 21st Century - that is-, if we choose to appreciate the core messages that the original practioners chose to impart for our benefit.

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