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An Ayurvedic Diet is Very Strict & Impractical - Misconception or Truth?

In addition to being known as a medical science, Ayurveda is also known as a life science. It takes a preventive rather than curative approach to illnesses, believing that maintaining good health to be free from diseases is better than seeking treatment after an illness develops.

To this end, it advocates the concept of pathya-apathya which identifies wholesome and unwholesome diet and nutrition practices we should keep in mind every day. It’s believed that eating food that balances your doshas and has the ideal combination of all 6 rasas prevents diseases and promotes longevity.

Isn’t Ayurvedic lifestyle strict and impractical?

This notion is completely wrong. Your Ayurvedic doctor will make dietary restrictions on the basis of the doshas that need to be balanced in your body. Take these examples

  • Those with aggravated kapha may have to go easy on oily foods to counteract the oily qualities of kapha.

  • People with aggravated vata are advised to have more of warm and soft foods, like ghee, to balance the dryness of vata.

  • For pitta aggravation, you may have to reduce the spices in your diet as Pitta is extremely hot and fiery. All these modifications are easy to make and can be incorporated easily into your daily meal plans without any hassle or pain.

You need exotic herbs and ingredients to add to your diet:

Not at all! Most of Ayurvedic remedies are dependent on the things you’d easily find in your home, for e.g pepper, honey, almonds, cinnamon, elaichi, and haldi. Also, any herbs that are prescribed by Jiva doctors for a specific condition are easily available at the pharmacy and can even be delivered to your home.

Ayurveda recommends a healthy lifestyle, complemented by fresh, organic, and seasonal produce. Packed processed foods and drinks are a strict no-no, but any range of home cooked meals, prepared with love and on sattvik guidelines are always welcome!

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