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Ayurveda ? Common Man?s Sanjivani Booti

The divya aushadhi (divine medicine) that was used to revive Lord Laxmana, brother of Lord Ram is not anecdotal, but it is not a single herb either. When Laxmana was shot by a poisonous arrow, Hanuman was entrusted with the task of finding 4 special herbs (Sanjivani, Vishalyakarani, Sandhanakarani and Savarnyakarani) on mount Dronagiri in the Himalayas. The most important of these herb, Sanjivani is believed to bring the dead back to life. Naturally, this herb has been the subject of curiosity for ages. What does Sanjivani mean for a common man? How can you benefit from it?

Quick Snapshots

  • Sanjivani is not a myth

  • Sanjivani is not an herb, it is a principle

  • The principle is applicable for every person

  • Diet, Yoga & Lifestyle can be your Sanjivani

Ayurvedic Interpretation

Sanjivani means ‘to bring back to life’. The mythological medicine should not be confused with Sanjivani Vati which is a tablet prescribed in Ayurveda for indigestion and cleaning ama.

Ayurveda works on the principle of ‘like increases like’. When we practise healthy habits and follow a positive lifestyle, we become filled with positivity. The immune system becomes stronger and we are not infected by disease-causing germs. The true meaning of being alive is living a disease-free life. This is the principle of Sanjivani.

How can you apply Sanjivani Principle in Today’s Context?

Today, we live a life devoid of consciousness. We are awake but not mindful. We do not know our Prakriti and live a totally unbalanced life. Our lifestyle is not healthy and we choose our diet to please our taste buds. All of these factors push our body beyond the limit and make us ill, either physically, emotionally or psychologically. Ayurveda and Yoga is the common man’s Sanjivani. Living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy and practising Yoga will help you live consciously and make you truly alive.

Jiva Ayurveda is on a mission to take authentic Ayurveda to every home, which in essence is similar to bringing Sanjivani to you.

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