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Ayurvedic Wellness Products That Must Be in Your Travel Bag

Planning a trip? Before setting off, think about your personal health issues and anticipate the complications that may arise when you are travelling. Here are some common incidences that you can prepare against in advance.

1.Gas and IndigestionChances are that you may have extra servings of delicious food during travel or not eat on time, both of which can cause gas and indigestion. Jiva DigestAll Churna tastes delicious and treats a wide range of digestion problems. DigestAll Churna comes in easy to carry sachets that you can easily carry around in your travel bag.

2. Cough and ColdTravelling in winter almost always means you may catch the cold. Stuffy nose, runny nose and fever are common health issues that you need to avoid during a trip. Jiva Flucon tablets clears nasal congestion, relieves body ache and is effective in cough and cold. It also increases resistance against seasonal respiratory issues. For steam inhalation, you can also use Pain Calm Balm in hot water or rub it on your chest and throat.

3. Hair CareHumidity changes or washing your hair with different water than what you use at home can make your hair limp and lifeless. Take good care of your hair by nourishing it with Jiva Bhringraj Hair Oil. Amla and Bhringraj nourishes the root of the hair and the scalp. Manjistha conditions and gives volume to your hair.

4. Face CareProtect your face with the gentle care of Jiva Neem Face Wash. Mild action of this face wash keeps your face clean and prevents acne. Wash your face with Neem face wash, dry off with a clean towel and apply a good face cream.

5. Skin CareDry and cold winter season is tough on your skin. Protect your skin by applying Jiva Almond Cream. It eliminates dryness, effects of aging and dullness of skin. The goodness of almond goes deep into the pores and nourishes the skin and gives it a healthy glow.

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