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Channelize your Child?s Natural Energy: Tips for a Creative Summer Vacation

Children are in a state of growth and hence they are very energetic. This is a stage when they are blossoming intellectually and emotionally hence their natural energy needs to be channelized towards creative purposes. During normal school months, children have classes and they remain occupied with their studies but during summer vacations when there are no classes, they spend most of their time watching TV and playing mobile games. Parents are well aware of how annoying this habit can seem, but instead of this becoming a sore point with your child – try finding creative ways for them to spend their time.

You are the first coach of your child:

There is a need to channelize your child’s natural energy during summer vacation to control their hyperactivity and make constructive use of their time. With a lot of time in hand, this will also enable your child to find hidden talent and explore new dimensions of their creative nature.

As parents, you are your child’s first coach. Therefore, it is crucial that you recognize your child’s inner potential and give them the right platform to grow creatively. Summer vacation is the best time for parents to identify multiple intelligence in their children and support them.

If you do not want to send your child to a summer camp for kids and you’d rather spend more time with them at home, here are 3 things that you can do to keep your child engaged and focus their natural energy to creative uses based on Multiple Intelligence:

Visit the Library:

Children with Linguistic Intelligence are interested in reading, writing and using words. If you observe your kid showing interest in reading and writing, or visiting the library, he/she might be showing signs of Linguistic Intelligence. History, geography, science – there are a lot of different genres that your kid can explore. Many libraries organize summer reading sessions and summer themed events which your kid will enjoy. To make it even more engaging and fun for your child, you can ask other parents to bring their kids along. Even at home, consider getting your children reading material from Indian mythology. It is filled with vibrant stories highlighting values of duty, honour, responsibility and valour.

Enrol Your Child in an Arts & Crafts Class:

Children with Visual Intelligence are good with visualizing and drawing things. They have a special ability to think and express through colours and figures. Enrol your child in an arts and crafts class to allow them to flex their creative muscles and maybe discover a new talent. Aside from the usual options to explore painting, dancing and singing, pottery can be something different for them. During the summers, there are pottery classes available at indigenous-themed properties close to cities. Help your child connect to their roots in a natural way during this summer vacation.

Explore Nature:

Children with Naturalistic Intelligence enjoy spending time in nature and doing outdoor kid’s activities. Stepping out to enjoy nature is very important for every child. This allows them to explore natural world beyond TV, computer and mobile screens, a big pain point these days. You can plan a trip to the hills or a wildlife reserve, which will be a learning opportunity for them. Inculcate a natural habit in them, if possible, have them accompany you for walks to the local park every day.

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