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3 Simple Prickly Heat Home Remedies

Prickly heat is a common skin problem that occurs during the summer heat. These often appear on the face, neck, chest and arms. The problem happens when sweat cannot escape through the hair follicles and gets trapped under the skin thereby causing tiny bumps which give a prickly and itching sensation, hence the name prickly heat!

The Ayurvedic Perspective on Prickly Heat and Pitta

In Ayurveda, prickly heat is known as Pittaj Masoorika/Rajika and is considered a case of aggravated pitta. People of Pitta prakriti sweat more and get prickly heat easily. Sweda (sweat) is considered a by-product of Meda (fat tissues) so it is seen more commonly in obese people. Also, according to Ritucharya (seasonal routine), our diet and lifestyle should match the season. Since summer is Pitta season it is hot and oily, hence it naturally aggravates Pitta. This makes it important to follow a lifestyle and diet that is Pitta-pacifying.

In children, the hair follicles are not fully developed hence they are more susceptible to the problem. In adults, prickly heat appears because of poor hygiene. Hence, a good solution to prevent prickly heat would be to bath twice a day.

Here are three simple prickly heat and general heat rash treatments for children.

Aloe Vera and Cucumber Gel Since Aloe Vera and cucumber gel are both cooling in nature, they are some of the most commonly suggested home remedies for prickly heat. They can be used by cutting slices of cucumber and Aloe Vera to make a paste. This paste can be applied on the skin to provide a cooling effect. Ideally, leaving the paste on for 20 minutes before washing it off will produce the best results.

Margosa (Neem) Leaf Paste Neem is effective in treating skin inflammation and itching. It balances vitiated Kapha and Pitta and is helpful in treating skin infections like prickly heat. Neem leaves can be applied by making a paste of neem leaves and applying it on the affected area. Let it dry naturally, and wash it off with tap water. Apply this paste daily for one week to achieve the best results and manage prickly heat.

Sandalwood and Rosewater Sandalwood is a triple winner - antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory. It is cooling in nature and a paste made of sandalwood and rosewater is one of the very soothing home remedies for prickly heat. It will help you deal with the burning sensation and soothe the skin irritation. Sandalwood also has a refreshing, pleasant smell which deals with the problem of bad odour caused by sweat.

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