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Fun Tips to Get Your Child to Love Yoga

Yoga was first mentioned in the ‘Rig Veda’ and has been practiced for centuries in India. It is a powerful way to maintain mental and emotional well being, and everybody needs it irrespective of age. Celebration of ‘International Yoga Day’ on 21st June is a testimony of how this ancient Indian practice has been accepted and appreciated the world over. It is never too late to teach your kids the benefits of Yoga. Especially, during summer vacations when you get more time with your child, you can practice together and make it even more enjoyable. Here are some fun tips to make Yoga attractive and fun for your child:

1. Colourful Yoga Mats: Children are easily attracted to things that are colourful and have interesting graphics. Pick colourful yoga mats that are softly padded and protect your child’s knees and back. Non-slippery and textured surfaces will ensure extra safety. Yoga mats with cartoon characters or funny animal patterns might make it fun for your child.

2. Yogic Drawing and Paintings: Invoking the curiosity of your children is a great way to keep them interested in Yoga. A beautiful painting or set of small paintings depicting yoga asanas will serve the dual purpose of adorning your interiors and generating interest in your child. ‘Om’ paintings can be a good focal point and useful in concentration enhancing yoga asanas.

3. Give your kid the choice to pick: Giving children autonomy over their decisions and allowing them to choose the yoga asanas they want to practise for the day will make them more excited and enthusiastic. Make a collection of 10-12 easy asanas that you can practise and place it in a bowl. Let your kid pick any 3 for the day. This activity will make things more interesting.

4. Soft Background Music: Soft background music adds an element of interest and also enhances the effectiveness of yoga by relaxing the mind and body. Flute and sitar music compilations are considered great choices for yoga background music.

5. Comfortable Clothes: If your child does not feel comfortable while doing yoga he or she will complain of discomfort and immediately lose interest. Loose fitting, soft cotton pyjamas and t-shirts allow free movement of body and are ideal for practising yoga.

6. Well-ventilated, clean area with natural light: A clean and well-lit area creates the right ambience for your child to practice yoga. Yoga is associated with deep breathing therefore an open area such as a park or your balcony are ideal choices. If that is not possible, open the windows of your room to let the fresh air in.

Yoga for kids and meditation will help your child develop better concentration and focus in studies. It enhances mind-body coordination and boosts your child’s self-confidence. Practising yoga regularly also increases flexibility and body strength.

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