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Easy Yoga Asanas to Beat the Stress and Anxiety Naturally

Are you feeling stressed? Perhaps you have had a rough day at work or you are starting your day in anticipation of a lot of stress at work. Here are 3 Yoga exercises for anxiety and stress. These stress relievers are breathing techniques, so make sure you are in a clean environment away from dust or smoke. So hop on your yoga mat and let us show you how to relieve stress with yoga.

Cat Pose (Bidalasana) Have you seen a cat stretch? That is close to what you are going to do in the Cat Pose. The primary effect of doing this exercise is to enhance mobility and flexibility in your spine, but it is also very beneficial in calming your mind and de-stressing your psyche. To do this, gently get down on all fours. Balance your body with your palm, knees, and toes. Now inhale nice and slow and while you do that curve your spine outward (back towards the ceiling), hold that position for a few moments and then as you gradually exhale, curve inwards (belly towards the floor). Repeat this yoga pose a few times.

Standing hand raises (Urdhva Hastasana) Stand up on your mat. Be gentle and kind to yourself, do not exaggerate your actions. When you are ready gently raise your hands above your head and inhale deeply as you do that. Join your palms together (namaskara) at the top most position. Now hold the position for a few moments. Gradually exhale and lower your hands to your sides.

Squeeze in, squeeze out! This is a simple technique and this is how you do it. Sit comfortably in the Yogi position (cross-legged) and slowly breathe in. As you fill your lungs with air, squeeze your shoulders close to your neck. Now slowly exhale, as you do that loosen your shoulders and let them fall to their natural position. Do this a couple of times, when you inhale squeeze to as much as you are comfortable with. And as you exhale, let your body relax.

The key to doing these asanas right is to feel your stress waft away as you exhale. The best time to do these asanas is early in the morning but you can do it whenever you choose to, except immediately after meals.

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