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Effective home remedies for hair fall

It is unfortunate, but the fact that external beauty is an important aspect of getting respect among peers. In a society where the outward look of a person is more important than what's inside, unhealthy hair or skin can become a definite roadblock to success in many aspects. And therefore things like hair fall and hair growth suddenly have a huge role to play in defining who you are, how people see you as. Here are some of the most recommended Ayurvedic remedies and hair fall natural treatment that you can make use of to get rid of some of the common problems associated with hair disorders.

Let your ‘Prakriti’ dictate your diet and lifestyle

What we eat defines who we are. For example if you consume a lot of  dry food the nature of that dryness will eventually make its way into your  hair and skin. Therefore, it is important that you choose your diet in a manner that directly matches your body type and your nature in order to find out what your body type is, take a Prakriti test at any of the Ayurvedic online websites that offer it. Head to the Jiva Ayurveda  online test for a free assessment of your body type. This will help you to decide what diet you must take, and what lifestyle you must lead in order to stay healthy not just  on the inside, but it must also reflect on other aspects of your being. 

Reduce the amount of heat in your body

This is one of the most crucial Advisors that are given by Ayurveda doctors while treating hair fall problems. Body heat can become an issue with your hair and skin health because Your body likes to stay cool. Heat is associated with the Ayurvedic energy known as Pitta. If you have been unknowingly consuming a lot of foods that increase Pitta, it's high time that you identify and Remove those items  from your diet. The general rule of thumb is to consult and Ayurveda doctor to find out more about the mistakes you are making with your diet. there could be many satellites that are happening unbeknownst to you that might directly affect the health and quality of your hair.  

Allow nature to take over

Ayurveda always recommends that you apply and use things that you are also confident about putting inside your mouth.  It is a Cardinal fact that everything you apply on your hair or skin is eventually absorbed by the body and ends up inside your system. therefore, always make sure to use only natural things that are compatible with your body. Things like Amla,  Shikakai,  Bhringraj are natural Herbs that are not just beneficial for your hair health, but also they do not have any side effects that you do not want. In most cases, commercial products contain a lot of chemicals that are used to give you the illusion of shiny and thick hair, but at the end of the day this causes more problems without even you knowing about it. If you need more advice on what Herbs you must apply on your hair, speak with an expert Ayurveda doctor today. 

Hair fall natural treatment with Ayurveda

Apart from the hair fall remedies mentioned above, there may be times when you will need an actual doctor to look into the root cause of your problem and prescribe medicines that are meant to treat the underlying root cause. In that case, do not delay consulting with a doctor, and get personalized treatment and medicines as soon as possible. You must remember that if hair fall is not arrested at an early stage, it may end up causing irreversible damage. 

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