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How green therapy helps in weight management

Green therapy, otherwise known as eco-therapy, is meant to correct the imbalance of our Tridoshas; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha which causes obesity. Low digestive fire (Agni) and the accumulation of a mucus-like substance Ama in our body makes us either lose or gain excessive fat and weight. Green therapy is all about maintaining good health through natural ways and Sattvic lifestyle. For both, an individual must spend some time in nature’s lap. He must go out in green spaces of nature and do meditation, yoga, and exercise which help him manage his weight as well as improve his overall health. How? Let us understand:

Reduces stress and calms the nervous system:

Stress, anxiety, and depression are the main reasons why some of us are underweight or overweight. These three things make our Agni (digestive fire) weak to nourish our body. Therefore, the healing effect of green nature helps us keep calm, stable and receptive to all positivity and nourishment. We become more active when relaxed and can invest in physical exercises or activities that make us fit.

Burns Ama and stimulates metabolism:

Ama is a residue of undigested food which accumulates causing obesity and diseases. When out in nature, the greenery and calmness removes the clogging of Ama and increases the metabolism in our body. Green therapy includes yoga practices and cardio exercises on a daily basis which balance Tridoshas, burns Ama and improve the psychological state of mind.

Increases Sattvic temperament:

Green therapy increases the Sattvic temperament in us. Through meditation or yoga in nature, we begin realizing our responsibilities and the ways to excel in our lives. It means we follow a daily routine that helps our body stay in rhythm. We wake up, eat, and perform other functions at the same time regularly which makes our digestive system and nervous system more efficient. Also, the Sattvic diet is lighter, easy-to-digest and beneficial for our health and wellness.

Green therapy eliminates every little block that hinders our ways to good physical and mental health.

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