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Make Vacations More Fun! Plan with your Children

Vacation time is family time. It’s not only fun, but also a wonderful opportunity for children to learn something beyond academics. And you know what can make things even more fun? Involving your kids in the trip preparation process! This will give them a chance to take responsibility, weigh choices, make decisions, and be actively involved in the trip rather than be passive travellers.

Here’s how you can involve kids in the vacation planning process

1. Selecting the destination:

Going over their trip destination will help children relate to what they’ve read in their textbooks. Children can read up about all the exciting places, their local cuisines, things to do over there, and places to visit. They can discuss these with the other people in their family, and select where to go based on everybody’s wishes and sentiments.

2. Itinerary:

Discussing the number of days they should go on a vacation and what they will do on each day is yet another interesting activity you can involve kids in. They can decide what spots to visit, what local activities they want to experience, and even the mode of transport they want to take. Have them make out a day by day itinerary to teach them planning and time management.

3. Final Packing:

Keeping the weather of the destination in mind, your kids should list out the necessary items that need to be packed. In addition, they should also be taught to pack for an emergency (first aid kit, medicines, etc.) and take their personal toiletries as well.

Making children a part of any discussion helps them instil valuable life skills that will stay with them throughout their lives. It will also help them feel like an important member of the family whose contributions are valued.

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