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Minimise Ama: Small Changes Can Make Big Difference

Ayurveda explains ama as a by-product of unprocessed food. When ama mixes with body fluids - rasa and rakta - and travel to different parts of the body, it gets deposited at various locations and weakens ojas, the body’s immunity. As a result, it blocks the srotas and unbalances dosha, leading to various health issues.

Effect of Ama on the Body

For example, ama collected in lungs causes congestion, cough, and asthma. When deposited in the joints, it leads to Arthritis. In the intestines, ama affects absorption of ahara rasa and leads to problems like Dysentery, Diarrhea, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

How to Get Rid of Ama

The best way to flush out ama is to have healthy eating habits. Here are some basic principles that can help jatharagni digest food and minimize the production of ama.

  1. Opt for light, fresh, lightly cooked, and preferably plant-based food. The quality and quantity of your diet should not weaken or overburden jatharagni, leading to symptoms like heaviness, drowsiness, gas, or indigestion after eating.

  2. A good thumb rule is to fill the stomach one-third full of food, one-third full of liquid, and leave one-third empty for digestion. This balances the doshas and gives relief from all problems.

  3. Try this homemade tonic that stimulates digestion: Fill a small glass half with peeled and finely chopped fresh ginger and the remaining half with lemon juice. Add a pinch of rock salt to it. Taken half a spoon of this every day before meals to get rid of ama from the body.

For more advice on healthy lifestyle or any illness, talk to a Jiva Doctor today. You can dial 0129-4040404 from your mobile phone or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor’ under the CONNECT tab in the Jiva Health App.

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
under the CONNECT tab in Jiva Health App.




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