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The steps and benefits of Padahastasan yogasana

Every person wishes to remain happy and make progress in life. He desires that this happiness and youth remain forever. But the fact that whatever is created would be destroyed cannot be denied. But things can be conserved. This applies to human body as well. Taking proper care can conserve the youth for longer period. Yoga happens to be one of the ways to achive it. In series of Asanas, the asan that would be described today is Padahastasan.


  • Stand upright joining both the feet.

  • Inhale slowly and raise both arms upwards near ears.

  • Exhale slowly and bend forward through the lumber region.

  • Try to touch toes with fingers.

  • Keep breathing normally. Stay in the position for 1 to 3 minutes as per capacity.

  • Come back in standing position while breathing in.

  • Bring down arms while releasing the breath.


  • It makes the waist slim and spine flexible.

  • Helps in controlling diabetes.

  • Useful in constipation, gases, indigestion.

  • Increases blood circulation towards face and brings glory on face.

  • Reduced fat from abdomen.

  • Increases height of children.

  • Increases strength of muscles of thighs and calves.


  • Breath in & out through nose.

  • Don't scare if you can't touch the toes and don't try to do it forcefully. Consistet practice can yield success.

  • Once achieved try to touch the sides of legs with arms and knees with head.


  • Patients of high BP, slip disc should avoid it.

  • Pregnant women and menstruating women should avoid it.

  • In earlier days don't be afriad if you feel pains in muscles.

  • Do Yoga always with ease and pleasant, peaceful mood.


  • Take doctor's advice and guidance of an expert teacher before starting Yoga practice.

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