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Quit Sugar! Try These Natural Sweeteners

Of the 6 tastes in Ayurveda, madhura (sweet) strengthens the functions of the mind, relieves thirst and hunger as well as provides a feeling of happiness, contentment, and cheerfulness. But all 6 rasas must be taken in balance. Unfortunately, we take in a lot of processed sugar which leads to problems like obesity and diabetes. Replace processed sugar with these natural sweeteners to keep your blood sugar in control.


Honey is a natural and rich source of energy. In Ayurveda it has been prescribed for good health of the respiratory system, skin, insomnia, oral diseases and eyes. Honey is also good for the heart and digestive system. For maximum benefits, do not cook honey. Always consume raw honey.

Sugar Cane Candy/Jaggery/Juice

Sugar is made from sugar cane, but it is so aggressively processed and refined that it loses all health benefits. Instead you can use unprocessed juice or jaggery. Small chunks of jaggery will sweeten your meals without the harmful effects of bumping up your blood sugar.


Take a handful of dates and soak them overnight in lukewarm water until they have softened. You may have to keep the dates soaked for over 12 hours and change the water when it cools down. When the dates are sufficiently soft, blend them well in a blender. Add a few tablespoons of the water for proper consistency. Use the paste as a healthy alternative of sugar syrup.

* Note* Ayurveda does not recommend any of these for diabetics. If you have high blood sugar, please consult our doctor for an appropriate diet plan.

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