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Why You Should Chew Your Food 32 Times?

Food is the best source of nutrition but it can also become the cause off diseases. Diseases happen when the food we eat is not digested properly and turns into ama (toxic material). The most common reason why food is not digested properly is because we are not mindful while eating food. When you hear the advice “chew your food 32 times”, understand this: eat your food mindfully. Here are a few reasons why you should eat mindfully and chew your food well.

Digestion begins in your mouth

Your body produces many digestive juices all of which are necessary to digest the food well. Saliva, produced in the mouth is the first digestive juice which mixes with food when we chew our food properly. Eating meals in front of the TV is not ideal because your mind is focused on the TV instead of what you are putting in your mouth. Chew your food well to allow saliva to mix properly.

Your body becomes prepared to digest

When you chew properly, your taste buds send a signal to the brain to prepare the digestive system for the process of digestion. Chewing food well prepares the intestines and entire digestive system to secrete digestive enzymes and mix with the food well.

Taste, smell & texture – wholesome eating

Food has more than just taste and Ayurveda says that in order to get complete benefit out of every meal, you should experience all qualities of food. Enjoy the smell, texture and taste of the food from the moment you put it in your mouth, chew and swallow it.

Chewing your food well prevents digestion problems and allows your body to absorb all the nutrients completely. Next time you sit down to have your meals, choose a distraction free spot and enjoy every bite.

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