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Self-control- the foundation to a healthy and happy conjugal life

The title may sound confusing at the outset because for a conjugal life to be blissful sex is considered very important, and no one questions its validity, but self-control can make your sexual life very rewarding. Ayurveda propounds some useful tips and techniques that will help you lead a fulfilling sexual life. These tips are collectively known as Brahmacharya.

The significance of sexual relationships in marriage:

The union of two different persons with unique psychologies and sensibilities is termed as a marriage and for it to be blissful, there are several requirements that must be met with as little effort as possible. It has also been said in Ayurveda that controlled and planned sexual activities help in begetting a good progeny. Sexual relationships based on mutual love, understanding and deep emotional connect between the partners is important in setting the grounds for a good, virtuous and healthy child to be born. Even after pregnancy, such a relationship will continue to be a source of happiness for the couple.

A frictionless relationship is based on the agreement and happiness of both partners. Many marriages fall apart for the lack of sexual fulfilment in one or the other partner. Ayurveda advocates special lifestyle advices and medicines which maintain sexual vigour and enhance the joy of congress. Ayurveda also stresses on the importance of self-control. Extreme indulgence in the long term has been considered harmful for the body. Here are some Ayurvedic advice to keep your sexual life full of happiness.

Ayurvedic advice for sexual health:

  • The golden time of the day (early dawn) should not be spent in sexual activities. This has been known to cause harm to the body.

  • Winter and Spring seasons are considered the best time for sex. In summers, vata dosha is naturally aggravated which depletes energy and may cause fatigue or exhaustion. It is important to take extra care to avoid excessive indulgence especially during summers.

  • After coitus, energy levels deplete naturally, hence Ayurveda recommends drinking milk with almonds or cashews.

  • Sex is not advised during periods or of either of the couple is unwell.

  • Sex immediately after meals is not advised.

  • Avoid sexual congress if you or your partner is stressed, despaired, angry or unwilling.

Additional Tips for Enhanced Pleasure:

Ayurveda advised consuming foods which naturally enhance longevity and stamina. There are food items and herbs which enhance production of sperm. Ghee, coconut water, basil, cardamom, chilli peppers and nutmeg are great if you need a boost in your vigour.

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