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Steps and benefits of Shashankasan

When the body's digestive system functions well, all other parts work perfectly with the energy received from it, creating a life that’s full of happiness. Talasan, Padahastasan, Paschimottanasan, Vajrasan, Suptavajrasan, Shashankasan, Bhujangasan, Shalabhasan, Nauli, Uddayan bandh are quite useful for keeping the digestive system active. In the series of asanas today, we present Shashankasan.


  • Spread a mat. Sit in the Vajrasan pose.

  • Keep your waist, neck, and head straight.

  • Keep your arms straight and place the hands on your knees.

  • Take a deep breath and raise the arms upwards, with the palms facing forward.

  • Exhale and bend down, bringing the hands forward, towards the ground.

  • Keep bending till your head and palms touch the ground.

  • Hold this position for a while.

  • Return to the original position slowly while inhaling.

  • Exhale and keep both hands on the knees. Repeat 3-4 times.


  • The intestines, liver, pancreas are influenced

  • Beneficial for the lungs

  • Useful for heart patients

  • Pacifies mind and resolves stress

  • Beneficial for asthma patients


  • Don't bend while releasing breath. Breath in while coming back to the Vajrasana. Hips should touch the heels.



  • Seek a doctor's advice before starting Yoga and do it under the guidance and supervision of a teacher.

Apart from Yoga practice, nurturing plants, looking after pets, following a disciplined life that gives rise to inner happiness, and developing positive thoughts and outlook also keep intelligence and digestion healthy. On the other hand, food and lifestyle that’s antagonistic to one's constitution can hamper the digestive system

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