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Shashtikshali Pottali Swed: Nawarakizhi

Several diseases are treated with fomentation therapy in Ayurveda. Fomentation contributes a lot in nourishing dhatus and strengthening muscles. The present article offers insight into Shashtikshali Pottali Swed.

Ayurveda describers many types of fomentations. They all are energizing and strengthen the body tissues. Shashtikshali Pottali Swed is one of them. It nourishes and rejuvenates the dhatus. It strengthens the muscles, joints and bones and cures several diseases related to them.


The word 'shali' means rice in Sanskrit. The variety of rice that grows in 60 days in fields is called shashtikshali. Apart from this, balaroot, milk and cloth pieces are used in this process. Medicated oil is also required for the initial massage. Rice is cooked with decoction of Bala and milk and potalies made from it are used for massage.

How it works?

“Shashtikshali, Bala and milk are all very nourishing. They pacify vata & pitta and promote growth of dhatus. After coming in contact with skin, the medicinal substances from these ingredients enter the body and nourish seven dhatus. They improve functioning of muscles and nerves. Vata aggravated in these tissues is pacified and rejuvenation process is initiated. Oil used in this massage also has similar properties.


Whole body is massaged with warm oil. A pot containing Bala decoction and milk is kept on fire. Once it becomes warm, four potalies are kept in it. After a while two potalies are taken out and used for massaging the body. When potalies cool down, they are kept back in boiling milk and the other two potalies are used for massage. Thus potalies are exchanged alternately and massage is continued for an hour. At the end, the paste stuck on patient's body is removed and warm oil applied.

Benefits of Shashtikshali Pottali Swed:

  • It cures vata diseases.

  • It is effective in arthritis, degenerative diseases, paralysis, diseases of spinal cord and neural pains.

  • It is also useful in joint diseases, sciatica and underweight patients.

  • Process of aging is slowed down and rejuvenation is promoted.


  • Care should be taken that the patient does not feel cold during massage.

  • Warm oil should be applied on body intermittently and at the end of massage.

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