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Spare the Rod, Nurture Your Kid

Every once in a while, it happens: children misbehave despite your repeated instructions, and you eventually run out of patience. You try everything to get them to listen to you, but eventually, you resort to punishment. In that minute, a quick slap or a thrashing might seem like the most effective solution. It makes your kids behave almost immediately, and for the time being, peace is restored. But, in the long run, physical abuse does more damage than good. If it doesn’t lead to emotional trauma, it teaches them that violence is an acceptable reaction to anger.

Don’t Give Into Anger

If you feel like raising your hands on your children, stop awhile and think about your actions. For most children, parents are their idols, their superhero. They want to emulate you, be like you. Don’t set an example for a behavior that you don’t want your child to follow.

When you’re really angry and feel that you might turn to violence to discipline your kid, take some time to calm down. It is always better to settle down first and then, have a rational discussion. Don’t be emotional and rash and hurt your child in any way that you will regret later.

Identify the Trigger of Bad Behavior

When your child misbehaves, it’s important to identify why they’re acting out and what you can do to rectify it. Physical abuse only yields temporary result; and they correct their behaviour only out of fear. It doesn’t address the underlying issue that made child to misbehave.

To change bad behaviour, you need to identify, address, and rectify the root problem to see changes in behaviour. Often times, children misbehave in an attempt to seek attention from their parents. So, make sure you shower your child with enough parental love and attention.

It may sound bizarre to think that physical abuse can cause damage to a child. Your generation has, after all, grown up with generous thrashing which helped you straighten your acts up. But that is the reason why you, as a parent, also think that violence is okay as a means of correcting behaviour.

Remember, violence is never the answer to anything, and the sooner you realize this, the better it is for your relationship with your child and their healthy growth.

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