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The 5 Types of Rasas that Aid your Pursuit to Spirituality

According to spiritual rasa, the true rasa is rooted in the worldly duties a person has, before merging into God. Acknowledging the different kinds of duties one has towards the world is the only way to strike a connection with God.

The five forms of primary spiritual rasa are as follows:

  • Neutral

  • Servile

  • Friendly

  • Parental

  • Supreme devotion.

Only with true emotion (bhava) can you seek to realize the self (atmana) and your surrounding (sansar), before you ultimately submerge into the almighty (paratmana). And to attain that enlightenment, the following rasas need to be enjoyed.

Shanta Rasa

Only a peaceful (shanta-rasa) individual can achieve tranquility in life and in the service of others besides God. You need to be at peace with yourself to give peace to others.

Prita-bhakti Rasa

The devotional rasa (prita-bhakti-rasa) means being devoted to yourself and your surroundings - family, work, and other responsibilities - based on love and respect.

Preyo-bhakti Rasa

Companionship (preyo-bhakti-rasa, or sakhya-rasa) means arching the sense of equality in personal and professional life and not looking down on anyone (humans, animal, or plants) possessing prana.

Vatsala-bhakti Rasa

This rasa deals with the parental affection (vatsala-bhakti-rasa) that brings with a feeling of concern and nurturing. As an adult it’s your duty to ba a loving and guiding guardian to anyone who seeks your help.

Madhura-bhakti Rasa

The supreme devotional rasa (madhura-bhakti-rasa) that leads to religious and spiritual experience based on the affection you have for the almighty. Using these principles of Ayurveda as a starting point, you can work towards personal and spiritual well being. And with constant practice and more evolved understanding of yourself, you will be able to fulfill your desire to be one with the ultimate power.

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