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The Doshic Guide to A Fulfilling Conjugal Life

According to Ayurveda, everyone has a body-type defined by the one dosha that is dominant within them. Broadly classified as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, these body constitutions can give an insight into both your and your partner's distinctive sexual needs and preferences.


Vata dominants tend to be very romantic, yet moody lovers. They are uninterested in sex until they find someone that they love.

Tips to stimulate them:

  • Intellectual discussions, poetry and soothing music.

  • Make them feel loved and safe.

  • Create a stress-free environment, cook for them and make them feel cared for.


Pitta dominants have a natural passion for sex, but they tend to lack sensitivity and tenderness. While they are fiery and passionate, their huge need to dominate often leaves their partners missing the feel of tender lovemaking.

Tips to stimulate them:

  • Make them feel as safe as possible so that they can let down their guards.

  • Encourage them to channel their passion through the heart instead of through sex.

  • Show them that you are an equal, both in life and in bed.


Those with a kapha body type are reminiscent of the ancient figures of fertility goddesses. They represent the idyllic qualities of a good lover with their affection, endurance, sensuality and compassion.

Tips to stimulate them:

  • They tend to get overly attached and insecure. Making them feel secure in the relationship is important.

  • Sex balances them both physically and emotionally. So, encourage them in bed when they seem unbalanced in life.

All doshas can make for wonderful lovers in the right setting and with the right partner who is able to stimulate and fire their senses. So try and understand your body constitution as well as that of your partner so that you can connect on a more deeper level with yourself and them.

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