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The Mind Types

People of Sattvic nature are intelligent with a good memory. They are instinctively clean and ordered, take good care are health-conscious. They are calm, gentle and considerate of others-polite and helpful to all, with good manners. They seek to improve themselves, even though already knowledgeable, and are focused on work, self improvement and intellectual or spiritual pursuits.

hey are highly positive in nature, demonstrating generosity,kindness, openness, fairness (equity) and forgiveness. They readily share what they have and enjoy doing so, but expect no reward in return. Sattvic people see life as a productive learning experience and do not begrudge their position, nor hold grudges.

They do not seek to accumulate wealth or status, to dominate others or impose their will. Their mind is clear and peaceful, and they are honest, humble and quiet. They are spiriyually inclined and have a strong faith and belief in God, often engaging in selfless service or charitable activities.

Those with a sattvic nature express happiness, enthusiasm and joy. They are flexible, moderate, regular and balanced in habits and activities. Sleep is minimal, yet deep and refreshing. Food that is fresh and not extreme in terms of preparation or taste is preferred (not heavily spiced or very sweet).


Those that are rajasic in temperament are dynamic and seek to control and dominate others. They are medium in intelligence and have a variable memory. Those with a rajas guna value prestige and authority and so seek power, status, fame, wealth and recognition.

Rajasic people are never satisfied with their position or possessions- they always seek to accumulate more and enjoy flaunting what they have. In addition, they seek continual gratification of desires (sex, food), stimulation of the senses (music, color, fragrance) and entertainment (parties, functions, festivals). However, they are often distracted or quickly bored.

Those of rajasic nature rarely give unconditionally. It is always done with some reluctance and to demonstrate generosity (or with some expectation) rather than general altruism. Relationshis are therefore based only on their own needs and desires rather than on reciprocal interest and regard. Sleep is disturbed or troubled by intense dreams, so is not refreshing. Food that is strong and excessive in flavor (spicy, hot salty) is preferred. Stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco are consumed regularly.

There are six types of rajasic nature:

  • Asura proud of achievements and possessions, self praisng, brave but ruthless;
  • Raksasa cruel, intolerant, eats, drinks and sleeps excessively;
  • Patsacika unclean, abnormal or irregular diet and routine, weakness for the opposite sex;
  • Sarpa cowardly, deceptive, envious, fearful;
  • Preta greedy, spiteful, lacks discrimination; and
  • Sakuna passionate, unstable, ruthless, excessive appetite.


Those demonstrating a tamas guna are ignorant, lazy and fearful with poor memories. They are usually apathetic and insensitive in nature. They show little consideration or regard for others. And are coarse, brash, immoral or violent. They may be stubborn or obstinate, and inattentive to those around them. Tamasic people show little or no desire to improve physically or mentally, or lack the will power and discipline to do so.

Tamasic individuals do not engage in anything that is physically or mentally taxing, and will avoid any work at all if it is possible. They seem almost to be entirely engaged in (thinking about) eating, drinking, sleeping , sex or idleness. They are dishonest, unclean in habits and have no regard for their health. Often they show no initiative and minimal interest in , or understanding of, spirituality. They have little or no faith in God. People with tamasic nature are frequently sorrowful or depressed.

Those predominantly tamasic in nature demonstrate no love except that based on the own sensory gratification, so relationships are totally exploitative, they rarely give, instead preferring to take or even obtain through deception, Often, they complain about their job or position in life although show no motivation or take no action to change it.

Tamasic people sleep heavily and are not easily roused from sleep, and are usually sedentary. They overeat, and consume food that is overcooked, sweet and heavy or stale, cold, preserved and processed. "Fast food" or "junk food" and meat constitutes a large part of their diet.

There are three types of tamasic nature: - Pasava low intelligence, animalistic behaviour, excessive indulgence in sleep and sex, disobedient; - Mattasya unstable and changeable in character, cowardly, consistent desire, excessive intake of liquids; and - Vanaspatya excessive consumption of food, no interest in education or learning about other people and the surrounding world.

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