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Timetable: Secret to a Disciplined and Successful Life

Setting goals and working towards them is the recipe for success in life. And if the practice begins right from childhood, children will incorporate these skills as an integral part of their lives. As parents, it’s your responsibility to guide kids on how to set these goals, and teaching them the importance of having a timetable is an important step towards that end.

But why are timetables important? How do they help children perform better in life?

Visualizing the path to their Goal

To realize their dreams, children should be able to make practical plans that direct them to their goals. They need to visualize the path that leads them towards their aspired goal. To achieve this, they must create a timetable that will make them disciplined enough to pursue their goals.

Following a Routine

Following a routine ensures that children don’t get distracted and they stay focused on the goal at hand. Work with your kids to break down the goals into achievable objectives. After having done that, help them creating clear routines for themselves, so that they can work towards their goals. Avoid imposing routines on them. As a role model, set standards for yourself too.

Instils Discipline

Having a routine is one of the key factors in becoming disciplined. By following a routine, children become effective and efficient at whatever they are pursuing. As they progress steadily through each step successfully, their confidence also shall grow accordingly.

As you can see, having a timetable can help children in more ways than one. So encourage your kids to work out the timelines for a task and hold them accountable to it. Once they realize the advantage of keeping a timetable that helps them meet their objectives, your kids will learn a valuable habit for life.

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