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Top Three Chyawanprasha Health Benefits

Formulated by Chyawan Rishi and mentioned in Charak Samhita, Chyawanprasha is a classical Ayurvedic preparation and is a staple health supplement in every Indian household, especially in winters when immunity takes a hit. This wholesome & nourishing rasayana has rejuvenating effects and balances the three doshas. Here are 3 amazing health benefits of consuming Chyawanprasha regularly.

Enhances Immunity by Building Ojas:

Ojas, the essence of immunity is the combination of 7 dhatus, which is the conceptual equivalent of tissues. Amla, the main ingredient used in making this formulation is good at cleaning the body of toxins. Low toxins in blood and liver is beneficial in increasing immunity. Chyawanprasha also enriches the 7 dhatus and they eventually contribute to forming Ojas. With high Ojas, immunity is naturally enhanced.

Great Winter Health Tonic for Entire the Family:

Winter usually means staying in closed quarters with other people who could be infected by viruses. Research also shows that some viruses thrive better in cold conditions and that increases the risk of diseases. Chyawanprasha contains over 40 immunity boosting herbs which raise body’s natural defence against disease causing germs. Amla is a wonderful anti-oxidant which fights respiratory infections and is very beneficial for small children as well as adults with asthma, chronic bronchitis or respiratory problems.

Healthy Heart & Strong Memory:

Chyawanprasha has special herbs that strengthen the nervous system. These herbs support brain functions, memory and increases stress tolerance. In children Chayawanprasha is particularly beneficial in improving intelligence, brain development and increasing neurological functions.

Jiva Chyawanprasha is a wonderful rejuvenating tonic which shields and protects the body against seasonal health problems. It is manufactured from fresh Amla and contains the goodness of authentic Ayurvedic herbs. Buy 1 kg Chyawanprsha & get Rose water or Digestall Free. Jiva Chyawanprasha is also available in a sugar-free variant if you are a diabetic or calorie-conscious.

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
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