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Try these Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms

Intestinal worms are very common in children and are the cause for many health problems. People with intestinal worms may have bloated stomach, reduction in body weight, increase in appetite etc. Though these are herbs which are easily available in the market; however if you want to prevent yourself from the excess growth of intestinal worms, then try these home remedies:

Papaya Seeds:

It is one of the best cures for treating intestinal worms. For this, powder the papaya seeds and take one teaspoon in the morning with water or milk. Try this remedy in empty stomach. Alternatively, you can also use papaya leaves for the treatment. You can use dry leaves of papaya plant, around 15 grams and boil it with a glass of water. Then add some honey, before drinking it.


Take 2-3 garlic clove in the morning in empty stomach. Garlic clove is extremely beneficial for our health and results in the cure of many health problems. You can also massage your body with garlic clove and heated in mustard oil. It gets easily absorbed in the skin and treats the problem.


Whether you take the root, stem or bark of pomegranate, it is a very good remedy for elimination of worms. You can make the decoction from the bark of the tree and take it in 90-150 ml quantity. The dosage for children is between 30-50 ml.

Bitter Gourd / Neem Juice:

Bitter gourd juice is also very effective in eliminating intestinal worms. You can consume bitter gourd as a vegetable or extract fresh juice and drink on an empty stomach. You can also try neem in place of bitter gourd.

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