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Understanding Soundarya Vardhini - The Age Old Beauty Practice of Ayurveda

Ayurveda believes that there’s a connection between inner beauty and outer beauty, and both are a product of general physical health and appropriate daily care. Traditionally, soundarya vardhani has been used to nourish the skin, clean the tissues to give you glowing complexion and good tone and elasticity.

Here are some ways in which you can use the principles of soundarya vardhini to remove toxins, reduce wrinkles, and revitalize the skin.


This skin care therapy involves a massage with ayurvedic oil or gel for 15 minutes followed by a smooth and even application of a freshly prepared face pack. This face mask contains various types of herbs, medicated plants, oils, ghee, juices of plants, and fruits. Manjishtadi lepa, chandanadi lepa, Honey, rose water, almond oil, glycerine, Vitamin E capsules, milk cream etc can be added to these pastes. This mask helps reduce the ageing process and give better skin tone.

Ayurveda Facial:

This therapy helps to condition and nourish the skin. A special blend, prepared by using rare herbs, is used to bring radiance to the complexion. A basic ayurvedic facial mask consists of besan (chickpea flour), triphala powder, haldi (turmeric), and dried neem. You could consider others too, such as the ones mentioned below:

  • Ayurveda honey and milk facial: Mix 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp milk, and 1 tbsp lemon juice and apply on your face. Rinse off with fresh water after 10 minutes. It will make your skin glow impeccably with moisturized and tighter pores.

  • Ayurveda fruit facial: This facial help lightens skin blemishes, pigmentation patches, and dark circles. It is made by blending together papaya, aloe vera, rose, watermelon, cucumber, khus khus, and mosambi. Apply on face and neck and rinse after 10 minutes.


When we talk of beauty, we cannot fail to take into account hair as part of overall appearance. Thick, lustrous hair has always drawn appearance and keshini is an Ayurvedic hair care treatment that gives you glossy and strong hair. It includes moisturizing and massaging the scalp with herbal oils or juices, which nourishes the hair roots and promotes hair growth.

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach and believes that no amount of make up can bring beauty if you’re not healthy from within. But if you take care of yourself inside out and follow the practices mentioned above, you’ll enjoy skin so beautiful that you won’t need make up to draw attention to yourself.

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