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Viprita karani asana - the steps and benefits

Whatever be the ailment, be it an eye problem, ear infection, throat infection or any other part of the body, it can be traced back to wrong diet, poor lifestyle or pollution. All of these contribute to reducing our immunity and with our protective shields down, we are easily affected by disease causing bacteria and germs.

Due to faulty lifestyle, our immunity drops, we fall sick and as a direct effect of that our work performance and stamina drops too. As a result, we are affected by several small diseases which eventually grows into a serious ailment later in life. One of such diseases that have an unassuming beginning is Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a disease which is characterised by sounds in the ear and is caused because of stress, stiffness of the neck, hindrance of blood flow towards the head, or because of a severe ear infection.


  • Place a clean cot on the ground and lie on your back.

  • Take a deep breath and raise your legs 90 degrees off the floor, pointing them to the ceiling.

  • Breathe out slowly, do not lower your legs, place your hands on the floor by your side and slowly raise your waist.

  • Take a deep breath, place your palms on your waist and raise your legs even further to the ceiling and hold the position for 1 to 3 minutes.

  • Keeping your breath normal, slowly lower your hands from your waist and lower your waist and take your feet closer to the head in the Halasana position.

  • Slowly release your breath and place your legs back on the floor again.

  • Stay in the lying position for 2-3 minutes before getting up.

Benefits of Viprita Karani Asana:

  • Heals the throat and makes your voice sweet and pleasant.

  • Increases Jatharaagni and improves digestion.

  • Cures many throat problems.

  • Keeps blood circulation regular.

  • Maintains health of reproductive organs and glands.

  • Beneficial in stress and insomnia, relieves stress.

  • Helpful in maintaining healthy and attractive physique.

Special Precautions:

Do not bend your knees while doing Viprita Karani Yoga. Do not twist your neck or strain to see to your sides. Patients of high blood pressure should avoid doing this Yoga. At the end, stay in the lying position and breathe slowly for a 1-3 minutes. Please consider practising this yoga under the supervision of a Yogacharya.

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