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What is Jiva's Ayunique Treatment Protocol?

Well, life can be a whirlwind.

Taking over your mind, body, your emotions… and catching you off-guard amidst the middle of this chaos, leaving you zero to no time for yourself. It's understandable that there are, if not, but a million reasons to give up already on the idea of achieving good health and seeking longevity. But if you were a bit more receptive to the sudden rise in the AYUSH-centric healthcare industry in India, you’d have faith knowing that Ayurveda has the answer to your inner calling for holistic well-being.

Here’s the thing. The term ‘Healthcare’ was never supposed to be a tag for medical jargon like ‘quick cures’, ‘surgical treatments’ and ‘chronic diseases’. The term Healthcare is a really broad umbrella, corresponding to well-being in totality, while specifics are always a part of the broader objective. Taking pride in the root of the word healthcare, ayurveda stands out as an undisputed leader in non-conventional traditional medicines, focussing on the root cause of conditions, and covering the complete ground, right from physiological to psychological boundaries of a human being.  

At Jiva, we have been researching in the field of advanced Ayurveda science for more than 30 years now. Over the years, our research led us to develop a unique approach towards Ayurveda treatments, which we like to call The Ayunique Treatment Philosophy. With this philosophy becoming the nurturing ground for effective treatment protocols, we came up with The Ayunique TM Treatment Protocol, ATP. In this blog, we will explain to you all that you need to know about Jiva’s Ayunique TM Treatment Protocol and how it can be your ticket to total well-being.

The Architecture of Jiva’s Ayunique Treatment Protocol 

The Ayunique Treatment Protocol aims to inculcate Ayurveda in your life, effortlessly. It is smart, efficient, and affordable. It also promises to heal you appropriately, right from the root of your condition. But the question is how does it all happen? Putting together this one-of-a-kind treatment protocol, addressing your health from a 360-degree perspective, Jiva’s ATP involves personalised treatment plans, that include the following.

#1 An Ayurvedic Treatment Routine 

Catering to your condition (if any, existing, or any identified through preliminary consultation) and physiological needs through the best, the most authentic Ayurveda treatment therapies and medicines. The expert doctors at Jiva Ayurveda, based on your condition and your availability will recommend the most feasible and most effective ones. Each of these therapies has a specific nature and impact on the body. Some help detox, some help relieve pain etc.
If you are somewhat familiar with Ayurveda, in general, you might have come across names such as Shirodhara, Abhyanga and Panchakarma, the three top Ayurveda therapies in India. 

Likewise, you will be prescribed a course of medicines, and be asked to follow a routine for a certain amount of days. The duration of the Ayunique Treatment Protocol is usually set by the doctor consulting your case and can range from anything between 60 days to 120 days.

Keep in mind that any therapy decided necessary for your treatment by a Jiva’s certified doctor will fit in your schedule as per your availability ensuring your routine doesn’t get hampered. Our health coaches will be in touch with you right from the very first day of your treatment journey, guiding you through each step of this holistic Ayurveda treatment program, designed specifically for you. You can always ask them any doubts about the therapies, the medicines and other questions specific to your treatment.

#2 Dietary Regulations, Routined and Documented

Your nourishment is one of the keys to achieving optimal health and recovering the fastest from all types of conditions. As Ayurveda experts, we have always emphasised the importance of a healthy diet, that helps balance your doshas and maintain a good digestive fire, crucial for your holistic wellbeing. 

Based on your condition, our nutrition expert dieticians will prepare a diet chart for you upon detailed discussion with your appointed expert Jiva Ayurveda specialist doctor. This diet chart will be a routine to nourish your body with the missing nutrients, strengthen your immunity and detoxify, eliminating the Ama content naturally. Diet may include ayurvedic concoctions, juices, consuming certain specific vegetables and fibre content essential for your healing and of course, light and staple meals to balance your digestive agni and the doshas. This diet chart will be expected to be diligently followed for the entirety of the duration of your treatment, as decided mutually by you and your assigned Jiva specialist doctor. 

Once the protocol ends, a detailed analysis will be done to check and document your current health status. Thereafter, your appointed specialist doctor will suggest a post-protocol care schedule that you may follow from the comfort of your home and always stay connected with Jiva health coaches via calls, emails, social media or WhatsApp. 

#3 A Comprehensive Mind Well-Being Schedule 

Jiva’s ATP is incomplete without the involvement of a well-structured mind-wellbeing schedule. In Ayurveda, the mind plays a very crucial role. Whether it's contracting or getting rid of any disease, the mind is a force to reckon with. And Ayurveda suggests you keep it on the good side, keep it relaxed, comforted and at peace. The mind-to-body connection is something even modern medicine accepts and acknowledges. The auto-immune system of the human body along with the nervous and all other systems collectively play a crucial role in the development of physical aberrations and conditions.  

To be actionable on this aspect of well-being, Jiva’s ATP brings to you the immense benefits of yoga and meditation as part of your treatment plan, guided by practitioners who have dedicated their entire lives to teaching authentic yoga across the globe. Jiva makes the ATP even more intuitive and adds a tinge of warmth to this journey through some refreshing therapies like mudra therapy, sound healing, raag-chikitsa, pottery etc.

Allow Jiva’s Ayunique TM Treatment Protocol to elevate your health to heights you never imagined before. Be part of this new wave of transformation and spearhead this revolution by embracing authentic ayurveda in your life. Start your journey to holistic well-being today through Jiva’s ATP.  This is how you prioritize your health and make the best of Jiva’s comprehensive approach that integrates traditional Ayurveda practices with expert guidance. Take the first step towards a more balanced you.

Interested in getting started with your Ayurevda wellbeing Journey? We can quickly take you on board and get your AyuniqueTM Treatment Journey going.
Call us at 0129 4264343 to book your ATP appointment.  

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
under the CONNECT tab in Jiva Health App.



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