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What Should Be The Diet As Per Pitta Dosha?

According to Ayurveda, after the monsoon season (varsha ritu) when autumn season (sharad ritu) comes, pitta dosha increases in the body. The increase in pitta dosha causes various skin-related disorders and other problems. The decrease in humidity levels and increase in the heat of the sun causes itching, boils and acne on the skin. Hence, it is important to pacify the aggravated pitta dosha to combat problems associated with its rise.

Lifestyle & Dietary Tips As Per Pitta Dosha

  1. Reduce the intake of pitta-aggravating foods like tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking, tobacco, non-veg food, spicy foods like pickles and chutney, fried foods, etc.
  2. Consume amla (Indian gooseberry) as it is cooling in nature. You can also make a powder of neem and amla. Besides keeping the pitta in balance, neem also helps in keeping the body cool and purifies the blood. You can dry the neem leaves and then make it in a powder form and mix it with amla. Have 1 tsp. of this mixture twice a day.
  3. Keep your mind relaxed with breathing exercises.
  4. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals.
  5. If you experience severe skin itching during this time of the year, apply coconut oil to the affected area. It will soothe your irritated skin and provide some relief.
  6. To balance pitta dosha in the body, consume vegetables that are sweet and bitter in taste like amla and karela. You can also have cabbage, cucumber, radish, potato and carrot. Few fruits are also known to have a balancing effect on the pitta dosha like banana, mango, coconut and melon.
  7. Make sure that your bowel movements are clear. If you are suffering from constipation, consume bowel cleansing foods and herbs. Try to eat green vegetables as much as possible. Drink a glass of milk in the night to have a clear bowel movement or take 1 tsp. triphala churna. You can buy the natural digestive medicine, Jiva Triphala Churna. It will help improve your digestion, relieves constipation, detoxifies the body and also helps in weight management.
  8. For skin-related disorders, mainly raktashodhan (blood-purifying) herbs and medicines are suggested. You can also use herbs available near you for this purpose like aloe vera. You can consume fresh aloe vera juice if available or buy aloe vera juice from the online Jiva store. Jiva Neem Syrup is also beneficial for skin-related & pitta dosha disorders. Jiva Skin-fit Tablet, Jiva Neem Tablet, Jiva Neem Face Wash are also available for skin purifying and enhancing purposes.
  9. Getting affected by skin problems is common, especially in the autumn season. In order to combat skin issues, you may apply different products to your skin. Few people who also try to incorporate healthy foods in their diet don’t see any improvement in their skin condition. This is because they do not go to the root cause of the disorder. For e.g. if you are getting boils on your skin due to pitta dosha aggravation, applying some cream or lotion externally on the skin will only address the superficial symptoms of the problem and not the root cause. Therefore, to treat any disorder effectively, it is important to treat it from the root. Ayurveda considers all the aspects to treat any disorder, including environmental, seasonal, mind-related and prakriti-related (body constitution) hence it provides you with a safe, effective and long-lasting treatment.

You can also consult Jiva’s expert Ayurvedic doctors over a phone call, video call or visit your nearby Jiva clinic for your health problem. They will suggest a root-cause based, personalised treatment for your health problem, the best medicine for digestion and a customised diet and lifestyle plan.

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