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Why Are Herbal Remedies Better than Prescribed Drugs?

With the ever-increasing costs of prescription drugs and the general lack of information about health care, it comes as no surprise that people are looking for better ways to maintain health. Human and plants have co-evolved for millions of years, and it makes perfect sense that our complex bodies absorb the beneficial compound from the plants, which provides relief from the symptoms.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why herbal remedies can prove to be better than prescribed drugs:

1. Side effects:

A lot of medications prescribed for serious or chronic health conditions have side effects. Even if these side effects tend to diminish once you get used to the medication, many people don’t want to take a chance with prescribed medication. In the case of herbal home remedies, natural and organic substances are used, which are more gentle on the body. And you don’t need to worry about side effects.

2. Familiarity with body’s chemical makeup:

Natural home remedies usually tend to feature elements that are natural to the chemical makeup of the human body and thus are best suited for relief in contrast to the prescribed drugs which are chemically synthesized.

3. Long lasting relief:

In some instances like dengue fever and rheumatoid arthritis, natural remedies are proven to provide a longer lasting relief than the prescription drugs.

4. Increase the body’s immunity:

Natural remedies stimulate certain organs of the body and help to improve the natural immune system of the body. Whereas in the case of drugs, it fights the battle alone without involving the body at all, thus making the body dependent on such drugs and susceptible to infections.

5. Chronic ailments:

Although prescribed drugs are known to provide instant relief, natural remedies are able to support the chronic forms of diseases that develop and remain off and on with long-lasting symptoms. Natural remedies assist in mellowing down the symptoms and provide long-term relief.

In our opinion, both the methods of treatment are equally important but counterproductive if not used together. Thus, we always recommend a comprehensive treatment that includes therapies, self-help strategies, natural remedies, and medication, along with lots of love and affection that put you on the road to recovery in no time at all.

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