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Yoga for Summer

Shitli Paranayama Shitli Pranayama is highly beneficial for alleviating the effects of excess body heat. During this Yogic exercise the air entering through the moist tongue gets cooled and reduces the temperature of the blood in the lungs.

When the air is exhaled, the hot air carries away the heat bringing down body temperature.

  • Sit in a comfortable cross-legged posture with a straight back, keeping the palms on your knees.
  • Extend the tongue and roll up each side to make a channel resembling a bird's beak.
  • Suck the air through this opening and fill the lungs completely.
  • The pressures on the diaphragm should extend down to the navel.
  • Now pull the tongue inside and close the mouth.
  • Hold your breath for a while and exhale gradually through the nostrils.
  • Continue this practice from one to five minutes.

This exercise is ideal for summer. Shitali Pranayama is effective in quenching thirst and cooling down the body. It instills relaxation and peacefulness in the mind and body.

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