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Steps and benefits of Yoga Mudra

To be physically fit and healthy it is important to adopt Ayurvedic ways and do Yoga. It has been truly said that “Life is beautiful when there are diseases”. All material wealth – money, big house, car, beautiful clothes and everything else that money buys can be enjoyed only when we are physically healthy. To be physically fit and healthy it is important to adopt Ayurvedic ways and practise yoga. Ayurveda guides us on the healthy eating habits and yoga keeps us physically fit.

Adopting Yoga and Ayurveda in our daily lives can make the journey of life smooth and easy. For the body to be healthy, the skin to be soft it is important that the digestive system is strong. Today we are talking about the “Yog Mudra”. Doing Yog Mudra in the correct way can keep the body and skin healthy.


  • In a neat, tidy and airy place sit in the Padmasana position

  • Keep the neck and back straight

  • Take both the arms behind your back

  • Take the left hand in gyan mudra position, hold the left wrist with right hand

  • Take 4-5 long breaths, and by breathing out start bending forward slowly towards the stomach, keep the neck and chest straight and allow your head to touch the floor

  • Now breath in and come back to normal position

  • Now repeat the same with right hand


  • Makes the lungs strong

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Aids in clear bowel movement

  • Regular practice makes the body flexible

  • Clears impurities from the body

  • Keeps the Nadi healthy


  • Not recommended for high blood pressure patients

  • Not for pregnant females

  • Keep the hands behind the back while bending forward and backwards

  • If you are going through any kind of disease always consult your doctor before starting any Yogasana.

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