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5 Easy Steps to Prevent & Control Piles

Piles, or Arsh as we call it in Ayurveda and as haemorrhoids in medical terms is a health problem wherein the veins in and around anus swell up and get inflamed excessively resulting in pain, discomfort and even bleeding. The problem which has now become a common health issue of the youths and even kids is the result of their unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits. There are many ways to avoid and control this disease in Ayurveda and the five most effective ones are:

1. Get regular with fluids:

The more the fluid levels are maintained, the better will be the body’s digestive system and the least will be the stress on tissues around the anus, thus improving the condition, significantly.

2. Improve the diet:

A proper diet is a must-to-do step as it is the diet only that can either improve or degrade the condition of haemorrhoids. While the fast foods and spicy items need to be avoided, and food rich in fibers and roughage like green vegetables and seasonal fruits need to be included in the diet.

3. Change your defecation habits:

As this medical problem involves anus, a very sensitive organ, the defecation habits need to be improved so that no further damage is being caused to the organ. Exerting too much force, sitting too long and unnecessarily going to defecate are some of the major defecating don’ts that need to be avoided.

4. Indulge in physical activities:

Be it in the way of regular exercising or in the form of yoga sessions, the body should be involved in a regular workout in some or the other form to keep all the body parts functional and powerful.

5. Be sure to have sound sleep:

Unless and until the body gets proper sleep no recovery procedures will do much benefit. Hence, make sure to allow your body to have a sound sleep of at least 7-8 hours in a day to ensure a healthy and relaxed being.

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