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5 Health Benefits of Sehjan (Drumsticks) You Didn't Know

Sehjan is one of the most frequently recommended herbs for High Blood Pressure and Diabetes, but did you know that this herb has several other health benefits?

Good in pregnancy:

Drumsticks contain a lot of nutrients that are necessary for the developing baby. Drumsticks in the pregnant woman’s diet is beneficial in developing strong bones, teeth and beautiful skin in the baby. It is very effective in reducing iron-deficiency in expecting as well as lactating mothers.

Reduces risk of Cancer:

Research has shown that drumsticks have potential cancer prevention ingredients in it. A research paper published in 2015 in the Public Library of Sciences Journal found that drink sticks can prevent Breast Cancer and Colorectal Cancer. Regular intake

Detoxifies your body:

Active ingredients in drumsticks combine with blood and remove toxins. It also stimulates the function of the kidneys and removes toxins through urine. It also improves metabolism and helps in cleansing ama from the minute channels of the body. Research has also shown that drumsticks are effective in protecting the body against Arsenic toxicity.

Keeps liver healthy:

Liver cleanses the blood and removes impurities. Drumsticks have the property of Yakrit Sodhana (Liver Purification) which re-establishes the normal function of the liver.

Water Purification:

The seeds of drumsticks can remove bacteria, toxins, microorganisms and impurities from water. Take the seeds of mature drumsticks and remove the seed coat. Make a paste of the kernel with a few drops of water. Now add the paste to water and shake the container well to create the solution. Now, pour this solution into the water that needs to be cleaned. Let the water sit for 2 hours and filter through a clean muslin cloth. Boil before drinking the water.

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