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5 Home Remedies That Work Wonders For IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome, or grahani roga, is a common disorder that affects our digestive system. Grahani roga is a condition that you will need to manage on a long-term basis as the signs and symptoms of illness vary but usually persist for a long time. The most common symptoms include abdominal pain, cramping or bloating, irregular bowel movement, and changes in their appearance.

In Ayurveda, the body balances different types of energies, or doshas namely, vata, pitta and kapha. If the three doshas are imbalanced, you may experience a variety of illnesses. Our body uses its agni (or digestive fire) to convert the food into energy and nutrition. Unstable agni leads to improper digestion that causes your body to develop ama, or toxins, resulting in the symptoms of grahani roga.

Here are some factors that could lead to the imbalance of agni.

  1. Acidic and spicy foods
  2. Stress and anxiety
  3. Improper sleep or sleeplessness

Though Ayurvedic treatment for IBS mainly includes supplements and herbal tonics, there are some home remedies for IBS that can be very effective.


Yoga can be used as an anxiety-relieving agent as it calms the body and moves it towards a healing state, ultimately soothing our irritated digestive system. Steady postures and deep breathing can slow down your body and massage and nourish different organs. This, in turn, helps empower the intestines and eventually restores the body to good health. Poses like the Marjariasana, Bhujang asana and Dhanur asana strengthen the abdominal muscles, alleviate stress and improve the flow of agni in your body.

Fibre-rich Foods

A Fibre-rich diet is known to clean up the bowels and bring relief from some of the symptoms of IBS. It naturally adds bulk to the digestive tract and stimulates the intestines. Foods like bananas, carrots, dals etc., are rich in fibre and thus can help ease the various symptoms of grahani roga. The effect of a fibre-rich diet differs from person to person. Some patients may need a low-fibre diet to reduce cramping and abdominal pain and others might need a high fibre diet to facilitate better bowel movements. It’s always better to consult our expert Ayurvedic doctor before making any prominent changes to your meal plans.


Several herbs can be used as natural remedies for IBS. They may relieve abdominal pain and bloating, and general symptoms of IBS. Some herbs and herbal preparations are considered effective in treating constipation because they have a laxative effect. Including herbs like amla, triphala, senna, chamomile, and aloe vera, to your routine, either as a concoction or part of your diet, can increase your bowel’s strength and help relax your digestive system. Make these natural remedies for IBS a part of your day, and you should feel much better.


Meditation and relaxation focuses the attention away from the discomfort in the body and stabilises the flow of agni. Breathing exercises like anulom-vilom can also help calm down the nerves that are misfiring in your bowels. For a person who’s showing signs of IBS, relaxation-based therapies are known to help reduce anxiety and fear. Because the body's natural stress response is closely connected to our bowel’s function, such emotions can aggravate the very digestive symptoms that a person with grahani roga is most concerned about.

Probiotics and prebiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms (bacteria) that improve digestive health. They may also help with anxiety, depression, blood cholesterol, and skin health. Prebiotics are essentially food for probiotics living in the bowels. People with IBS have lower levels of bifidobacteria, and prebiotics bring the levels of this bacteria back to normal. This allows the good bacteria in your gut to produce nutrients for your colon cells, contributing to a better digestive system. Prebiotics are found naturally in many foods such as bananas, asparagus and onions.

Other natural remedies for IBS include drinking enough water, panchakarma treatments like massages and therapy, and manonukulata - a therapy that focuses on relaxing and fixing the underlying issues of the problem. The best way to solve grahani roga is to understand the cause of the irritation, identify symptoms, and get personalised treatment for the condition. Contact our Ayurvedic experts through phone or video call or visit us at your nearest Jiva clinic to get a more in-depth, root cause solution to your specific symptoms.

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