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5 Simple Steps to Start Your Day with a Positive & Productive Frame of Mind

Most people don’t like the word ‘routine’, but the truth is that having one establishes discipline in your life and has innumerable benefits. Take Ayurvedic dincharya for example. Consisting of a series of self care practices, this routine, when followed every day, can release stress, prevent happiness, and promote good health and longevity.

Here’s how you can begin your mornings according to the principles of Dinacharya.

  • Wake up during the Brahma Muhurta – two hours before sunrise. This is the most sattvic, peaceful, and meditative time of the day.

  • After waking up, take a minute or two to reflect on your thoughts. Meditate on good thoughts to invoke positivity. Vata's subtle qualities of clarity and strengthened intuition make this an ideal time for spiritual practice.

  • Refresh and energize your senses by washing your face, eyes nose and mouth with tepid water. Gulp water and hold it for 30 seconds, before spitting it out again.

  • While you’re holding the water in your mouth, splash your eyes with cold water. After spitting the water out, gently massage your eyelids in a circular motion for 1 minute.

  • To empty your colon and bladder, drink a glass or two of warm water. This will rehydrate the tissues, flush out the toxins accumulated overnight, rekindle the digestive fire, and stimulate peristalsis, which encourages timely elimination.

As you can see, Dincharya provides structure, instils balance and establishes cohesiveness. It may feel tempting just to let your days happen as they may. But if you really want a relaxed, stress-free and productive lifestyle, then Dincharya is essential. So, get ready to bask in your long list of accomplishments.

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