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Aloe vera and Ayurveda

Aloe vera has always remained one of the most important and most used plants in folk medicine. The healing benefits of aloe vera were recognized by most famous ancient civilizations including Indians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans.

Aloe vera is also known as ghrita kumara in Sanskrit, contain transparent gel that is made of 96% water. The other 4% contains 75 different known substances that include Vitamins A, B, C, and E; calcium; amino acids that help in protein building and it also contains enzymes that are used by the digestive system.

Aloe vera Benefits for Skin:Aloe Vera is mainly used to soothe many skin ailments such as mild cuts, insect stings, bruises and eczema. The antibacterial and anti-fungal quality of Aloe Vera helps to increase blood flow to the wounded area hence helping in the healing process. Additionally, Aloe Vera also stimulates fibroblasts, the skin cells which are responsible for healing the wound and in return also manufactures collagen, the protein that controls the skin’s ageing process. It helps the pores of the skin to open and receive all the nutrients and moisture from the plant making it effective for skin problems. Aloe Vera is commonly used to protect your skin from sunburn. It can also be mixed with turmeric and applied on the face for overnight to treat pimples and acne problems.

Aloe vera Benefits for Digestion & Wellness:Drinking Aloe vera juice solves a wide range of disorders. Aloe vera juice helps in cleaning the toxins out of the digestive system, improves digestion and functioning of the kidneys, liver and gallbladder. Ayurveda even says that because of Aloe vera’s antiviral quality it helps in healing diabetic wounds that take a long time to heal. Aloe vera’s capillary dilating property tend to increase the blood circulation and also speeds up the regeneration of our skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties effectively treat joint pain and when it is mixed with turmeric it helps in the healing process of spleen enlargement.

Aloe vera is easily available for external application in gel form and as juice for internal consumption. Jiva Ayurveda manufactures Aloe Vera Juice which is an excellent anti-oxidant, strengthens immunity and improves digestion.

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