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Ayurvedic Drinks to Stay Cool in Summer

Our lifestyle and diet according to Ayurveda, must follow the natural pattern of seasons (Ritu), this helps us stay in harmony with nature. This is known as Ritucharya in Ayurveda. When the temperature is high, we sweat a lot and the body loses electrolytes and fluids. This causes exhaustion and a feeling of tiredness throughout the day. Summer is considered a Pitta season. Characteristics of Pitta such as hot, oily, sharp and pungent are abundant in summers. Hence we should adjust our diet to accommodate for the changes in weather, and drinks are an important part of our diet. People of Pitta Prakriti should especially choose their diet more carefully. Here are some ayurvedic drink tips to restore electrolytes lost through sweat and stay cool all summer.

1. Cooling Drinks Delicious drinks and sherbets are a great way to cool your body on a hot summer day and restore essential nutrients. Tender coconut water, melon juice, aam ka panna, thandai, sattu sherbet and cucumber mint juice are full of health benefits and can be enjoyed in summers. Jiva Amla Juice is a rich source of Vitamin C and balances Pitta Dosha and gives you a cooling and refreshing feel.

2. Substitute your regular tea with herbal teas Herbal teas do not have caffeine and contain lots of anti-oxidants. It also provides more health benefits and cause less heat in the body compared to caffeine containing drinks like regular tea or coffee. Substitute your regular tea with herbal teas. Jiva Ayurvedic Tea is a good suggestion which contains Arjuna, Liquorice (Yastimadhu), Cinnamon (Dalchini), Fennel (Saunf), Indian Pennyworth (Brahmi) and many other rare herbs which strengthens your heart, brain, liver and nervous system.

3. Enjoy your meals with buttermilk Buttermilk has special significance in Ayurveda. It is known as ‘Takra’ and used for Takradhara Panchakarma therapy. Commonly it is known as Lassi or Mattha. Buttermilk is a Sattvic food in Ayurveda, it is cooling in nature and pacifies Pitta especially when sugar is mixed with it. So beneficial is buttermilk that it is said demi-gods long for a sip of it. Buttermilk is Laghu (light and easy to digest) and Deepana (helps digestions and acts against ama).

4. Drink plenty of water Drink plenty of clean water throughout the day. Water stored in copper vessel for 8 hours is very beneficial as it becomes potent with the goodness of copper. Drinking this water has many benefits. It helps in digestion and maintaining the right body weight. During meals, it is advisable to sip warm or room temperature water in little amounts. Drinking too much water during meals dilute gastric juices and saliva which is bad for your digestion. Do not drink ice-cold water.

Additional Tips

Bathe Twice a Day and Wear Light Clothes In summers, you can bathe twice a day to wash away sweat and keep your body cool. Bathing with Neem Soap has anti-bacterial properties and imparts a long-lasting refreshing fragrance. Wear light clothes during summers since dark coloured, tight or synthetic clothes increase body temperature.

Limit your salt consumption Sea salt (Samudra Lavana) that we commonly purchase provokes Pitta and increases body temperature. Rock salt (Saindhava Lavana) is considered to be the best salt in Ayurveda. Whenever possible use rock salts in your salads, sherbets, juices and cooling drinks. Also, try to avoid fast foods since it contains a lot of salt and lacks nutrition.

For expert suggestions on which diet plan is best for you, consult a Jiva Ayurvedic doctor. The doctor will be able to suggest you a pitta dosha diet or kapha diet after thoroughly understanding your body type. Check out our blog for more tips on the ayurvedic diet.

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
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