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Controlling three doshas for controlling piles

Swollen veins in and around the anal canal are known as piles. Any factor which exerts pressure in this region leads to pressure on the veins causing them to swell up and leads to hemorrhoids. Obesity, pregnancy, constipation sedentary lifestyle are few of them.

Symptoms of piles

  • blood while passing stool

  • itching around the anal region

  • soreness and discomfort around the anus

  • a sensation of fullness in rectum even after passing stool

Ayurveda and piles

Ayurveda terms piles as arsha or the enemy. It is caused by the imbalance of the three doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These are the three energies present in every human being and are responsible for health and disease. A balance of the three doshas is health or harmony whereas imbalance leads to disease.

Vata governs the movements. If it gets out of balance it leads to poor circulation and poor nerve conduction, irregular elimination, loss of memory etc.

Pitta governs the heat and transformation. It being out of balance can lead to heartburn, hot temper, inflammations, and other things related to heat and digestion

Kapha controls growth, structure, and lubrication and can lead to chronic congestion, weight gain, high cholesterol levels if imbalanced.

Imbalance of these tri energies wholly depends on our diet, behavior, season, lifestyle and emotions. Alteration in our lifestyle, diet, and thought can keep these energies in balance and hence keep us healthy.

How to keep the three doshas in balance

There are very basic steps to keep the balance in the doshas to keep away piles.

Fiber-rich diet:

A good fiber-rich diet helps in keeping the bowel moving and thus the intestines clear. Fiber adds bulk to the stool and helps in keeping it soft. Fiber-rich foods include beans, lentil, raw vegetables and fruits, radish, turnip and many more.

Keep up the fluid levels:

A good amount of fluid intake is necessary to move the food out of the intestine. It helps in keeping constipation away and so the piles. Fluid intake can be increased by drinking lots of water and also vegetable and fruit juices.

Physical activity:

Some kind of exercise routine is good to keep the mind calm and the bowel movements active. Lifting heavy weight should be avoided as it exerts pressure on the anal region and increases the risk of piles.

Yoga asanas, mild to moderate walking or light exercises can be added to the routine.

Following the above simple steps can keep the doshas balanced and keep away the arsha.

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