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Do You Know The Symptoms of Piles?

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In the majority of cases, people don’t even know that they have Piles until it has reached an advanced stage. Do you feel pain or itching or a burning sensation when you pass stool? Don’t ignore these symptoms, these signs could mean you could have piles, fistula or fissure. Learn more.

Why Ayurveda is the best solution for Piles, Fistula and Fissures?

Ayurveda takes a 360 degree, comprehensive approach to treating Piles. Ayurvedic treatment works on all the aspects of the disease, here are four points that make Ayurveda the best course of treatment for Piles:

Works on the root-cause: Instead of giving temporary relief to the symptoms, Ayurveda goes deep and treats the root-cause, which could be different in different patients.

Very low chance of relapse: Unlike in other forms of treatment in which only symptomatic relief is provided, Ayurveda takes a very thorough approach which leaves very little chance to zero chances of the disease happening again.

Faster Relief: When Ayurveda is comparatively faster than other treatment courses because it directly addresses the root of the problem.

Low cost: The cost of surgery and hospitalization can be prohibitively expensive for many people. Ayurvedic treatment cost just a fraction of that and requires no hospitalization.

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