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Five excellent kitchen remedies for piles

Piles also known as hemorrhoids are the swollen and inflamed veins inside and outside the rectum. This problem is most frequently seen in people aged 45 to 65 years. Nowadays even the youth and children are found suffering from it due to the weakness of the digestive system.

Other than weakness in digestive system factors which contribute to piles are family history, constipation, pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, and obesity.

Hemorrhoids are of two types depending on their position. Internal hemorrhoids develop inside the rectum whereas the external lie just below the skin around the anal region.

Most common symptoms of piles are,

  1. Bleeding during defecation
  2. Itching and soreness in the anus
  3. A sensation of fullness of rectum after bowel movements
  4. Pain and irritation in the anal region
  5. If not treated the condition can worsen and lead to chronic blood loss, anemia, strangulated piles, and even cancer.

Many of us think than permanent treatment of piles is surgery, which is not true though (as there are chances of recurrence even after that). Ayurveda believes in removing the cause of the problem and has treatment plans based on it, which ensures complete and permanent relief and with negligible chances of recurrence.

1619690187_Five Excellent Kitchen Remedies For Piles

Remedies from your own kitchen to get relief

Lemon juice:

Nutrients present in lemon juice strengthens the capillaries and the blood vessels and can prove to be of immense help in treating hemorrhoids. Following are the ways a lemon can be helpful,

  1. Squeeze a lemon and moisten a cotton ball in it and apply directly over the piles. It might irritate in the beginning but soon there will be relief from the pain.
  2. A mixture of lemon juice, honey, ginger, mint juice can be taken every day once.

Whole grains:

Rich in fiber, whole grains are highly effective in giving relief from bleeding and other hemorrhoidal symptoms. Fiber-rich foods include barley, lentils, beans, oats and brown rice.


It is a very easy and highly recommended home treatment, application of which constricts blood vessels, reduces inflammation and gives relief from pain.


Bitter gourd mixed with buttermilk helps in treating hemorrhoids. Also, buttermilk mixed with rock salt, ginger, and pepper helps relieve hemorrhoid pain.

Radish juice:

Radish juice twice in a day is a known common remedy for treating piles.

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Why go under the knife for a not so sure treatment when the simple at home remedies can prove to be so beneficial.

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