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The Do?s and Don?ts For Relief in Piles

Piles are the small swellings in the anal region comprising of enlarged blood vessels, which are either outside (external piles) or inside (internal piles) the anus. Piles are itchy, painful and pose a lot of discomfort to the patient and often bleed and are termed as bleeding piles.

The pressure in the anal region causes the vein to swell and bulge making it difficult to sit in a position. Various factors which lead to this situation are constipation, diarrhea, sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, excessive use of laxatives, aging, and weight lifting exercises.

Ayurveda terms piles as arsha (or the enemy) which lead to Tridosha imbalance. It occurs due to inappropriate food habits (taking a lot of junk, spices, intake of processed food), weight lifting exercises, hot climate, oily and fried food etc. These factors lead to weak digestive system and exert pressure in the anal region and ultimately the blood vessels to the anus get dilated, resulting in hemorrhoids.

Ayurveda recommends few factors which if followed or if avoided give immense or even permanent relief from haemorrhoids.


  • Fiber-rich diet or the high roughage diet. A diet rich in fiber helps in softening stool and relieving constipation. This helps in reducing the discomfort in piles caused by hard stool.

  • Fluid intake. Drinking plenty of water and fluids help in keeping the body hydrated which in turn prevents constipation.

  • Losing weight is very important, as obesity patients are more inclined to suffer for m piles.

  • Warm baths or sitz relieve itching and pain.

  • Physical activity is also important as it helps in keeping the intestines moving and thus keeping the bowels clear.


  • Avoid sitting in toilet seat for long as it puts pressure in the anal region.

  • The lifting of the heavy object should be avoided.

  • Too much staring for stool and should not be done. If suffering from constipation then get it treated as passing a hard stool requires a lot of pressure.

  • If you have a job which requires long sitting hours, periodically you get up and move around.

  • Overuse of laxatives and enemas should be avoided.

Following the above precautions can help in providing relief in piles. However, for complete diagnosis, proper treatment and relief, talk to Jiva doctor today.

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