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Five natural ways to avoid constipation and hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids also commonly known as piles are the swollen veins in the anal region causing a lot of discomforts, pain, and itching. Excessive bleeding from hemorrhoids can result in weakness and anemia.

Constipation and hemorrhoids is a very common problem. Earlier it was more frequently diagnosed in the middle-aged and elderly people, but now it’s often seen in younger age group because of the weak digestive system.

Constipation being a major cause of hemorrhoids, if prevented can help keep away from developing them. Taking a laxative and other modern medicines is not a solution when there are various natural and herbal ways to help to stay clear (clean bowel) and comfortable (no hemorrhoids).

Below are listed five natural and easy ways, which can help in keeping away with constipation and hemorrhoids.

Fiber-rich diet

Irregular bowel movement is a major cause of haemorrhoids and can be corrected by eating a diet rich in fiber. 30 – 35 grams of fiber in a day is enough to keep the bowel moving. Following are the fiber-rich food which is easily available and healthy:

  • Vegetables such as broccoli, peas, sprouts, artichoke, carrot, and turnip.

  • Fruits such as ripe bananas, apples, papaya, pear, raspberries, and mango.

  • Wholegrain such as oatmeal, brown rice, bran flakes and barley.

  • Black beans, baked beans, lentils and other legumes.

Keep yourself hydrated

According to Ayurveda dryness in the intestine causes constipation. Therefore it is advisable to drink plenty of water to prevent constipation and thus straining at stool. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water not only keeps the digestive system sound but benefits the entire body.

Along with a fiber-rich diet adequate hydration of body is also very necessary.

Physical activity

Sedentary lifestyle brings in a lot of health disorders constipation being one of them. Indulging in an exercise regime is very useful as it keeps our intestine moving and so our bowels.

If having a history of hemorrhoids heavy exercises (weight lifting) should be avoided as it puts pressure on the anal region. Yoga, swimming, and walking are common and moderate exercise routines which can be followed.

Do not delay the urge

Call for defecation should not be delayed as it leads to hardening of stool in the rectum which is late difficult to pass.

Herbal remedies

Various natural and Ayurvedic remedies are available which can give long-term relief from constipation and thus can help prevent hemorrhoids.

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