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Help! My Child Refuses to Drink Milk

Milk is a catalyst for growth and one of the most important dietary products to promote ojas. But not all children take to it so quickly or willingly. This article looks at some tips you can use to make your kids drink milk


  • To ensure your kid enjoys milk’s nutritional properties, introduce variants of milk into your child’s diet

  • Cereals, served with either hot or cold milk can help them have the drink without complaints.

  • Desserts that contain milk can also be offered to ensure that the child doesn’t lose out on nutrition.

Our mothers and grandmothers have forced us to have at least one glass of milk every day in the morning or evening. This is because milk is an essential part of every child’s diet. It is a catalyst for growth and one of the most important dietary products to promote ojas. It is packed with nutrients and is not just rich in calcium but also contains vitamin A and D. It builds healthy bones and teeth, maintains and strengthens bone mass, contributes to healthy blood pressure.

However, kids usually don’t like drinking milk. Here are a few tips to overcome this problem:

  • Introduce milk products like lassi (buttermilk), paneer (cottage cheese), and yoghurt into your child’s diet.

  • Children tend to love breakfast cereal and you can serve that with hot or cold milk. You can even serve oatmeal to them with milk and honey.

  • Kids love chocolate. Mix semi-sweet chocolate syrup in milk when developing the habit of drinking milk. Reduce the amount of chocolate as they start getting familiar to the taste.

  • Since kids like sweets, desserts that contain milk, like kheer, can be taken in moderate amounts.

  • Kids are more likely to try something that they make themselves. Involving them in the process of choosing and making their alternative milk drink is a good idea.

Kids who drink milk are less likely to drink soda and aerated drinks. So make sure your little one has a glass or two of milk everyday!

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