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How Jiva Ayurveda Delivers the Best Ayurvedic Treatment to You

Complete treatment in Ayurveda has three important aspects – medicines, diet and lifestyle. No single aspect can work well without the support of the other two, but good diagnosis is the basis of good treatment. Jiva Ayurveda provides Ayunique treatment. Here is how we deliver the best treatment to you.

Quick Snapshots

  • Pledge to provide best care
  • Darshan, Sparsh & Prashn Diagnosis
  • Unique treatment based on your Prakriti
  • Addressing the root cause of your disease
  • Traditional Rasayana Formulations

5 things that make treatment at Jiva Ayurveda "unique"

  • Pledge to Provide Best Care Every day at Jiva starts with a prayer and a pledge to do the best possible for every person. With a sense of responsibility, every doctor prescribes effective medicines and the experts at the ISO-certified pharmacy prepare the medicines with utmost care.

  • Darshan, Sparsh & Prashn Diagnosis In Ayurveda, diagnosis is done with the help of three techniques – Darshan, Sparsh and Prashna. Darshan means visually examining the patient, Sparsh means feeling the patient’s Nadi (pulse) and checking the diseased body part. And, Prashna means asking questions about the problem. All of these contribute to form a complete diagnosis based on which treatment is done.

  • Unique Treatment Based on your Prakriti Like our fingerprints, we all have unique Prakritis which is a combination of Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Based on your prakriti, our doctors will decide the right course of treatment and medicines for you. Jiva doctors have access to a state of the art data engine which helps them analyse millions of patient data to deliver good treatment. This uniqueness of treatment is what we call Jiva Ayunique.

  • Addressing the Root Cause of Disease Instead of dealing with problems superficially, Ayurveda goes deep into the root of the disease and finds out the source of dosha imbalance and treats it accordingly.

  • Adherence to Traditional Rasayana Formulations At our ISO and HACCP certified pharmacy, experts use traditional formulations mentioned in Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita in preparing medicines. The entire process is done by well-trained personnel and an expert supervises the entire process from beginning to end.

Rooted in traditions, reinforced with cutting-edge technology

At Jiva Ayurveda, our doctors leverage their deep knowledge of diagnosis and treatment mentioned in classical Ayurvedic texts to deliver root-caused based solutions. They are assisted by a state-of-the-art diagnosis-support system that uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to ensure precision and accuracy in diagnosis and treatment.

Always with you

Jiva Ayurveda stays connected with you throughout your healing journey. Your consulting doctor will call you for follow-ups and updates, your personal health coaches will stay connected with you to take care of your medicines and other needs. You can always connect with Jiva with just a few taps via the Jiva Health App!

Personalized treatment for hundreds of diseases

Jiva Ayurveda has consulted over 1.5 million patients for hundreds of chronic, lifestyle as well as degenerative diseases. Our patients have reported significant relief in their condition with regular treatment and medicines. Jiva doctors consult more than 6000 patients every day on Arthritis, Migraine, Diabetes, Asthma, Constipation, and many others.

Talk to a Jiva doctor regarding your health problems and find out how root-cause treatment can help you. Call 0129-4040404 today!

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
under the CONNECT tab in Jiva Health App.




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