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The steps and benefits of Matsyasan

“Samay par soyen, samay par jagen, samay par khao khana, tanav hai deemak, isko apne paas kabhi na laana, yoga-dhyaan ko karte rehna, chaahe thoda-thoda, paa jaoge apne jeevan mein kshushiyon bhara khazana.”

What this means is ‘you should sleep on time, wake up on time, and eat on time. Stress acts like a termite and eats away at your happiness; so don’t let it affect you. You should practice yoga and meditation, as much as you can. Doing so can help make a life that’s happy and healthy.

Childhood, youth, middle age, and then old age are considered natural phases of life. According to the physical changes that come about at each stage, energy levels of the body start to decline. This is a process that can’t be stopped; however, it can be slowed down.

For a happy and healthy life, energy and money is considered necessary. But to accomplish their ambitions and desires, the youth these days are so busy earning money that they neglect their health. As an outcome of this blind race, they become prone to physical and mental issues, like stress, anxiety, obesity, asthma, diabetes, sleeplessness, blood pressure, and fertility related problems.

To be strong, youthful, and happy in life, nothing works as well as practicing yoga and following a balanced diet.

In our yoga series this issue, we are looking at ‘Matsyasan’, which makes the spine strong and flexible and allows you to feel more capable and empowered in everything you do.


  • Spread the mat and sit in the sukhasana posture. Regularize your breathing and then assume the padmasana posture.

  • With the support of your hands, gradually bend backwards and lie down on your back.

  • Hold the toes with your hands and pull them towards yourself, while correcting the padmasana. Keep the knees firmly on the ground.

  • With the support of your hands, lift your back and shoulders, tilt the neck back and try to place the crown of your head on the floor.

  • Hold the toes with your fingers; it helps create an arch shape on the back.

  • While breathing normally, maintain this posture for as long as you’re able to and then release the padmasana to come back to the normal position.

  • In the end, do shavasana for 2-3 minutes.

Matsyasana has the following benefits:

  • Helps control breathing disorders

  • Provides flexibility to the spinal cord and neck muscles

  • Nourishes reproductive organs and helps cure impotency

  • Decreases fat from the lower abdomen and thighs

  • Helps treat cervical problems like stiffness, pain, and spondylosis

  • Relieves constipation

  • Strengthens the lungs


Always practice yogasana under the guidance of an experienced teacher and consult your physician before doing this exercise. One should practice yoga naturally and in accordance to the body’s strength and flexibility.

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